business coaching for the creative ENTREPRENEUR 

1-hour virtual business coaching session

Take your business to the next level with a one-on-one virtual business coaching session with Oona Breyer, owner of Dragonfly Photography.

Availability is limited–and subject to approval.

Don't do it alone.

Being a business owner can be lonely and hard.


The honest statistics show us that 85% of creative entrepreneurs never make it out of the first few years of business. Why? Because being a photographer, florist, or fine artist is different than being a business owner


The wild thing is that you have to be really good at BOTH in order to have longevity in our industry. 


Plus, if you're a photographer you have to actually learn the technical side of photography… it can be a lot


You shouldn't do it alone. 

kind words

What is the Process like?

“Prior to working with Oona, I had tried mentorship programs with a few other industry leaders that promised to grow my business, give me the tools I needed, etc. None of these programs were unable to meet me where I was at in my business, properly assess my needs, and point me in the right direction.  Fast forward to meeting Oona, and from the jump she gave me actionable steps that I could implement in my business immediately and see results.  I literally thank God for the blessing she has been to me.  Not only has she helped me see what I need to update and improve in my business, but she also pushes me to grow in my photography skills, reminds me to celebrate the small wins, and constantly encourages me and reassures me, that I am on the right path.  Choosing Oona and Dragonfly Photography to help further my photography education, is one of the best decisions I could have made to help me in my business. 10 out of 10 I highly recommend!!" 

- Jamenda 

Now is 
your time

Trial and error is one of the slowest ways to build your business. The reality is that you're a business owner. Not a photographer - a business owner. It's time to invest in your future by connecting with someone who has walked where you are now. 

Oona has been in business for 13 + years and first picked up a camera at 15 years old. 

You can schedule your virtual business coaching session to walk through any aspect of your business you'd like to have attention. 

Are you a photographer? We can work on the skills you need to improve on. Wondering about marketing? Let's do this. Website review? Bring it on. All in an encouraging environment, where there is absolutely no gatekeeping. Because who has time for that nonsense. 

It's time to invest in you 

Your hour is your hour and no topic is off limits. with a passion and heart for mentoring here are a few of the areas that might be of interest to you.


Photography skills

The beauty of photography is that there is always room to grow and become a stronger photographer. This is a never ending topic - everything from lighting challenges, to wedding day problem solving. 


website / Social media review

You're only as good as your first impression. What you might not know is that you actually need about 6-10 impressions before you're actually going to be noticed. That means each impression needs to count. Let's look at that. 


Marketing review

Let's chat about your marketing plan. Do you have a marketing plan? What are your goals and how are your looking to achieve those goals. The reality is that a business needs direction, let's work on getting you some.

We all need a team in our corner.

No matter how “brilliant” of a creative you are without the proper support you won't be able to travel as far as you would be able to with people to cheer you on. 


You're blind to what you're blind to. That's the beauty of walking with someone else. When you're willing to invest in help in your corner, you're investing in a clearer view on your journey.

60-Minute Virtual Session 

Personal business coaching for the creative ENTREPRENEUR. 

ready to do this?

let's level up your business


One-on-one personal business coaching

kind words from clients

“As a creative entrepreneur who owns a small business, learning from Oona has been an invaluable experience. She is a master of her craft and equal parts a master of running a luxury wedding business. Her kind, yet no-fluff approach to business coaching was exactly what I needed to shift my mindset and level-up my business. 

Before my mentorship with Oona, I felt like I was drowning in the backend of my business for more years than I'd like to admit. I had spent thousands of dollars on workshops and courses in hopes of becoming a better business owner, and somehow was just left more confused on exactly where to begin. I was completely overwhelmed and tried to figure it all out the hard way (by myself).

Oona helped me re-evaluate my business in nearly every capacity, and was so open with sharing her wealth of knowledge to make my business the most profitable it has ever been with a revenue increase of 233%! After working with Oona, I feel that I have truly stepped into a CEO role in my business. I have solid systems in place, I know my numbers, and I have a clear roadmap of what my business will look like 10 years from now. I finally feel confident in my process. Most importantly, I feel the empowerment and freedom that I've always wanted to experience, and would probably still be seeking, if it weren't for Oona's mentorship."


"Oona truly knows how to elevate you business in all the ways. I can't thank her enough for challenging me, coaching me, and helping me reach my goals...and I had LOFTY goals. Hah! With a newborn at home I needed more flexibility and more high quality clients. I was able to raise my starting price from $3500 to $5400 and at the same time raise my average booking by $3000 allowing me to spend more time at home. Oona was not only able to walk me through the different mindset shifts I needed to get there, she was able to help me set up with sustainable systems for client experience and give me tangible steps to help me find my ideal paying client. One thing I absolutely love about Oona is her ability to listen and dissect. Since no one business plan will work for everyone, she takes the time to learn about you, your objectives, and challenges so she can help you identify bottlenecks as well as your strengths. It feels as though everyone, including new photographers, are just peddling a generic online course that claims to "get you more bookings" or "change your life," but Oona, having been in this industry for decades, actually lives up to those claims. Oona spends most of her time working with her clients rather than attempting to be flashy like some social media ads. She'll walk side-by-side with you and give you tough love when needed. She's the business partner you never know you needed. Prepare to grow in life, business, and creativity if you want Oona to be your mentor."


Gatekeeping? We don't know her.